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Joey Elenterio Joins The Foie Gras Fight At Txoko

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Photo: Molly DeCoudreaux

Txoko has successfully dished out free foie gras to customers for the past three Wednesdays, and co-owner Ryan Maxey assures foie lovers that he and chef Ian Begg are planning to keep it up for as long as possible. The latest news is that they're also getting other chefs involved. First up to join the fight on Broadway is chef Joey Elenterio who hasn't met with as much success in his attempts to give away foie gras at Chez TJ in Mountain View. Elenterio will join Txoko this Wednesday, offering his own free foie gras pintxo in addition to the 25 normally offered.

That means this week, the first 50 diners who arrive at the restaurant can expect two free pintxos—one from Begg and one from Elenterio. As always, the foie is 100% complimentary in order to express the owners' opposition to the foie gras ban enacted on July 1 of this year. Maxey and Begg say they'd be more than happy to have Elenterio back on future Wednesdays, and they're also entertaining the idea of bringing other anti-ban chefs in to help. One thing is for sure: this isn't the last you'll hear from Txoko in the fight against SB 1520.

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