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Gold Star Bar Is Now Soda Popinski

A switcheroo awaits in Nob Hill, as the bar owners behind Tonic, Bullitt, Lightning and Mayhem are about to acquire the license to operate Gold Star Bar. Co-owner Duncan Ley says he expects the change to occur later this week, at which point the bar shall be known as Soda Popinski, after everyone's favorite controversial Russian boxer character designed for Nintendo's Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! in the 80s. Much like the team's loosely Muppet-themed [Dr. Teeth and the Electric] Mayhem, the decor here at Soda Popinski will lightly follow its theme: "Soviet propaganda meets Wild Wild West," in this case.

Ley adds that bar is already beautiful due to its recent remodeled, so they'll just be adding posters and tchotchkes. Since they've got a 48 license here, food will be minimal. "A few simple things like chili and hot dogs for the football season," says Ley. They'll encourage patrons to bring in food from nearby Toast Eatery and Mymy Coffee Shop. Fans of Gold Star's bar staff should note the new team is open to hiring on former workers. What else is on the horizon for Ley and friends? "Nothing immediately," he says. But this isn't the last bar they're going to own in San Francisco.

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Soda Popinski. [Photo: Wanderfly]

Soda Popinski

1548 California Street, San Francisco, CA