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LA's Littlejohn's Candies Is Coming To Market Street

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Los Angeles old-timer treasure Littlejohns Candies is currently building out its first candy shop/English toffee house outside of LA in the former furniture store at 1422 Market Street. Littlejohn's has been doing its thing for about as long as our local See's Candies, and they've been in the same spot at the Farmers Market in LA since 1946. Current owner, Michael Graves, started as a candy apprentice as a teenager. His brother Christopher Graves, who lives in San Francisco, has also picked up the trade. Hence, Littlejohn's San Francisco, a local candy kitchen and retail outpost that's been six years in the works, will be just about a half block from the new Twitter enclave (1355 Market). There will be a chocolate window looking onto Market Street, allowing passers-by to see the candy-making process. A huge retail case and an open kitchen with copper kettles will populate the interior.

The plan is to serve the exact same signature products they do down South: English toffee, handmade fudge, salted caramels, hand-dipped hand-rolled chocolates, these marshmallow caramel things, and more. The Graves are looking for as many local sources as possible, along with organic chocolate sources, and are planning to add one or two "SF sophisticated" flavors: "maybe an almond butter square with teaberry filling," says Graves. Look out for more of the story of Littlejohns later this month on the Facebook page. The San Francisco outpost should start opening its doors sporadically some time in September, with an official grand opening planned for October.

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1422 Market STreet, san Francisco, CA