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331 Cortland Opens Up, De La SouL Swipes Rap Name

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331 Cortland. [Photo: Flickr/Telstar Logics]

BERNAL HEIGHTS — The food-centric co-op 331 Cortland is looking for a new tenant, hopefully one that has never had a brick and mortar space. Baby Dipper Baby Food is moving out. [Bernalwood]

SOMA — A new soul food cafe has appropriated the name of a group of Daisy Age rappers. De La SouL 7th Street Bistro (525 Seventh St.) serves chicken and waffles and gumbo and is softly open. [LiveSOMA]

THE MISSION — Doña Tere’s Market (2780 21st St.) serves up tamales, pupusas, and bacon-wrapped hot dogs until midnight most nights. Most items are under $5. [Broke Ass Stuart]

THE SHUTTER — Caesar's Italian Restaurant (2299 Powell), which opened in 1956, will close at the end of this month. The exact reason why is a mystery. [ISSF]

331 Cortland

331 Cortland, San Francisco, CA