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The Crème Brûlée Shop Opens August 10

[Photo: Curtis Kimball]

It's been about a month since discovering the latest expansion plans of the Crème Brûlée Cart from a cart and truck into a new walk-up window adjacent to coffee spot Vega (1246 Folsom). Now, chief firestarter Curtis Kimball has set an official opening date of August 10.

The window has been given fresh shutters and the exterior a new coat of black paint, so it doesn't look like it did when it was occupied by cookie company Goody Goodie Cream & Sugar.

Eventually, Kimball expects the Crème Brûlée Shop to serve creations that are too complicated to offer on the cart or truck, and is toying with ideas such as a Sunday brunch and a "munchies happy hour." Expect tried-and-true flavors such as vanilla bean, the Tupac (vanilla with champagne cranberry sauce and candied pecans), and the Yes Please (Nutella with fresh strawberry chunks) on the first day.

Hours have changed slightly since last month's report. The window will be open from noon to 6 p.m. on August 10 and 11. Operating hours will be noon to 6 p.m. but are likely to expand, with late night hours an added possibility on Fridays and Saturdays. The business has come a long way since its Dolores Park start in 2009.

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The Creme Brulee Shop

1246 Folsom