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Noir Adds 'Kitschy Modern Movie Theatre Fare' To Hayes

Hayes Valley denizens have been watching the shuttered Frjtz sit for a few months now as Brian Cassanego starts building out Noir behind the plywood. Cassanego recently unloaded a lot on his concept, which is inspired by the 1940s jazz era from menu to decor. “We’re not a PBR type joint,” he adds. Per Diem’s executive chef Adam Hinojosa is consulting on the menu, which he calls “kitschy modernized movie theatre food.” Think popcorn with porcini dust, sea salt and parmesan; bacon-studded housemade hot dogs topped with bonito flakes, and special fried chicken nights. They’ll also be taking advantage of the crepe pans Frjtz left behind to bring sweet and savory crepes to the menu.

Sommelier Gianna Gaudini is putting together an list of 60 different wines from all over the map, with a focus on local varieties like Banshee's Mordecai, and Rickshaw Pino. There will be six wines on tap that Gaudini says will appeal to “wine geeks” as well as a selection of eclectic beers.

As you can see above, the interior is mostly gutted, and being re-designed by Gi Paoletti (Tipsy Pig, Per Diem, Bloodhound). The floorplan includes around 100 seats, divided into a front bar, and a back room with another bar, cozy sofas and love seats. “We want a stylish, romantic and loungy atmosphere.” adds Cassanego. “I always like Humphry Bogart. The fedoras the suits. I like classy establishments.” Noir should open in late September or early October.
—Chloe Schildhause

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Noir Wine Bar

581 Hayes Street, San Francisco, CA