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Credo Gets One Starred; More Restaurants, Reviewed

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Michael Bauer dubbed Credo a 1.5 star affair two years ago, but because of its recent chef change, he decided to give it a second (and third) visit. Sadly, much of the menu still feels disjointed to him, like the octopus dish with "a mound of what tasted like good ol' Midwest potato salad." He also criticizes the food's execution, noting an overly gelatinous panna cotta, like "one of those exercise balls." These issues, combined with "the disappearing chef" and "clueless service" earns them a one way ticket to lone star land. [Chron]

SF Weekly's Anna Roth tackles the buzz-worthy Bar Tartine Sandwich Shop, stating a misnomer at the start: "it's really just a marble lunch counter." Though lines are chaotic, she says the "creamy house-made goat cheese" and "BLT like you've never had before" make the wait bearable. Her only complaint is about the egg lángo: "I spent half the time trying to keep the runny egg yolk from flowing off the platter onto the table and onto my lap." [SF Weekly]

The SFBG's Virginia Miller surveys the area's newest in brews. Her visit to St. Vincent's proves while the southern-inspired food is "still finding itself," its easy to get lost in the restaurant's extensive wine and beer offerings. However, she writes the staff is prepared to help navigate and beer director Sayre Piotrkowski's drink recommendations are "spot-on." She commends The Abbot's Cellar for its "rustic, urban barn feel" styled by The Lundberg Design and over 120 rotating beer offerings which span from sours to saisons. She finds the range of crisp ciders at Upcider show a "refreshing alternative side" to the Polk Street bar scene. [SFBG]

THE ELSEWHEREEast Bay Express finds carnitas perfections at Casa Jimenez and Jalisco Restaurant in Oakland; The Merc travels to Alameda's Soleil's for plate-lickingly delicious African food inside the Frog and Fiddle; Marin IJ samples gluten-free dishes at Prabh Indian Kitchen in Mill Valley; and Chron embraces Saltwater Oyster Depot's freshly caught menu in Inverness.
— Ashley Mason

The Abbot's Cellar

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