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Eagle Tavern Fundraiser, Boobs for Bivalves

The Eagle Tavern. [Photo: Flickr/Wolftag]

SOMA — The embattled Eagle Tavern (298 12th St.) is under new ownership, and is working with city supervisors to help restore some of its "original glory" after reopening. They're hosting a fundraiser from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on September 23 to help defray the costs of repairing/remodeling. [Grub Street]

A topless PETA seafood protest is scheduled for the Fisherman's Wharf area tomorrow afternoon (September 18). "Fish intelligence" appears to be the main message, but bivalves and crustaceans will surely get love, too. [SF Weekly]

VIDEO INTERLUDE — Wine spokesman Zin Man (the "new Old Spice guy") has become Paso Wine Man, and offers this macho new video for oenophiles. Caution for the imminent popularization of its main question: "Think real men don't drink pink?" [Eater National]

WINE COUNTRY — Up in Napa, The Pear (720 Main St). is moving in to TyFlo's old Rotisserie & Wine space and hopes to debut by the end of the year. Subtitled "a Southern bistro," it's the latest restaurant in a collection that includes eateries in Danville and Alamo. [ISSF]

Eagle Tavern

398 12th St., San Francisco, CA