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Burritt Room Plans New Sipping Lounge, Berlinetta

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 The Burritt Room is planning a spinoff downstairs.
The Burritt Room is planning a spinoff downstairs.
Photo: VisitUnionSquare

Today Burrit Room + Tavern beverage manager Bianca Jimenez Rivera passes on word of her new baby, Berlinetta. Named after the original Ferrari coupé, the new sipping lounge will sit just past the lobby of Burritt's parent The Mystic Hotel, which is owned by Charlie Palmer. Italian race car memorabilia will softly influence the design of the room, and Rivera is designing a beverage list focused on "fine spirits to be enjoyed: Neat, on the rocks, or with a splash." She'll fill it out with reserve wine "gems" not offered on the regular list. In addition, there will be a several daily flights. Think of Berlinetta as a more understated sibling to the flashier Burritt Room upstairs, and look for it to softly open in the first week of October on Friday and Saturday evenings, only. It will also be available for hotel guests during the day.

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417 Stockton Street, San Francisco, CA