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Fashion and Food Collide at Nopa

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Welcome to Eat Style, a recurring feature, proving that a well-styled plate of food and a well-dressed diner often go hand and hand—restaurant world street style, happening on a corner near you.

Our first installation takes to Divisadero Street outside long time Eater 38 resident Nopa restaurant.
Kathy%20Joe.pngKathy Joe

What are you ordering tonight? I have no idea, it's actually my first time here.

What inspired you to chose this outfit for the evening? It was the most comfortable thing to wear today because I was doing some moving.

How would you describe the style of the neighborhood? More casual, but eclectic. I can already tell this restaurant has its attractions.

Dylan.pngDylan Cortez

Did you put a lot of thought into your outfit for this evening? Not really. If I'm going to a nicer restaurant I will dress up, but I actually don't go out to restaurants too much since I work at two restaurants.

What is something you would never wear to a restaurant? Sweats. No. Never. And I've seen it. Or flip flops. It's wretched.

Bethany.pngBethany Lear

What's your stance on elastic waistbands? For losing weight?

No, for eating out with the assumption that you will need extra room around the waist after the meal. I don't have any shame in unbuttoning my pants.

What about wearing bibs while dining out? If I were eating crawfish, yes. But not at Nopa.

Tyler.pngTyler Gosnell

What were you thinking about when you got dressed this evening? I'm going to the symphony this evening for the symphony night gala. I work at the symphony and tomorrow is my last week. The suit is from Zara. It's cheap, but well tailored. A well tailored cheap suit is better than an ill-fitted Armani.

What do you think about the style of Nopa? It's clean and classic. I'm indifferent about the mural.

What do you think about the style of the neighborhood? Many people can dress well in this neighborhood. But a lot of people who work in tech dress horribly.

What is something you would never wear to a restaurant? In San Francisco nothing is faux pas. It doesn't matter if you wear a suit or a t-shirt and jeans. What matters is fit, style and overall look.
—Chloe Shildhause

[All Photos: Aubrie Pick]


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