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Details On The Latest Mission Street Seafood Joint

More details today on the Mission Oyster Bar Seafood Restaurant, courtesy of Detective Tablehopper. Remember, this new joint is headed into the former Acaxutla at 2282 Mission Street. The owner, Fredy Gamez, was a chef at Castro favorite Anchor Oyster Bar for 18 years, so he knows his way around a bivalve, and—much like nearby Lot 7— he's planning to bring a seafood-heavy menu to the neighborhood. There's a substantial build-out in the works, with plans for a 28-foot bar and tall, large windows to let in a lot of light. Dinner will include classic dishes like clam chowder, steamed shellfish, cioppino, oysters and whole crabs roasted with garlic. For lunch, there will be crab melts, seafood salads, fish and chips and the like. Should add a welcome dose of diversity amidst the nearby taquerias and other Central- and South-American-style joints on the block. Gamez tells Tablehopper the opening will happen by early November. Beer and wine only.

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Mission Oyster Bar To Open In November [Tablehopper]

Mission Oyster Bar Seafood Restaurant

282 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA