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The Early Word on Rickybobby in the Haight

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Photo: Yelp/SF F.

Last month, former Broken Record pop-up chefs James Moisey and Shane LaValley opened Rickbobby, a bar food joint keeping Lower Haight denizens stuffed on all things cheesy and fried. There has been plenty of hype floating around, from hardcore Broken Record fans with high expectations to newfound converts. We've distilled their comments and opinions here so you can see what all the buzz is about.

The Atmosphere News: SF Weekly's Anna Roth describes Rickybobby's "eclectic mix of Americana" as "a bit surreal, but it's also charming." Yelper (and Talladega Nights fan) Maria M. thanks "Lord baby Jesus" for the "awesomely cheesy, awesomely bad, awesomely awesome or awesomely 80s films projected on the wall." And Lovina C. yelps, "Something about this place is just plain likeable."

The Burger News: Rickybobby's beef and bacon burger is "one of the best burgers I have ever eaten," says Anna Roth, and most Yelpers feel the same. John R. claims it's "in my top three in the city, Jermery F. calls it "the height of umami delight" and Marc T. compares the burger to "AMERICA. Big simple, tasty as hell, with a don't mess with a classic attitude." And it's hard to argue with the simplicity of Donald M.'s assessment: "damn that's a bombass burger."

The Non-burger News: Broke Ass Stuart's Matt Fink says the lobster mac and cheese is "creamy and rich underneath and crispy brown perfection on the surface," while Anna Roth is impressed by the "large hunks of lobster scattered throughout." She's a little less awed by the sweet potatertots, which are "crusty and delicious" but lacking salt. The housemade ranch served alongside, though, is "divine" according to Yelper Joyce E. Overall, Roth finds the food "made for the munchies" in that it's "totally filling, but you compulsively eat it anyway because it's so good."

The Booze News: The liquor license has only been in effect for a few days, but "they do need a more interesting beer selection," according to Anna Roth. Marc T. agrees, yelping "I really wish they could serve a larger variety of beers because the food is straight gastropub."

The Service News: "The service was casual to a fault," says Anna Roth, and "didn't seem prepared for the crowds." While Yelper Josesph W. says the "service needs MAJOR improvement," others disagree: Scarlett C.'s "never had bad service here, even when it was INSANELY busy," Michael J. finds it "really friendly and fast," and Mark C. says "the wait staff s probably as friendly and down-home as can be."

The $$$ News: Broke Ass Stuart calls Rickybobby "a bargain" and Anna Roth finds the lobster mac and cheese's $12 price tag "impressive." Jonny B. yelps, "If they raised their prices 30%, I'd still keep coming back."

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