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Manny Torres Gimenez Plucked From Mr. Pollo

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The once-unassuming Mr. Pollo.
The once-unassuming Mr. Pollo.
Photo: Gary Soup/Flickr

After a few months running a second pop-up at Roxy's Cafe, Manny Torres Gimenez has left his former home at Mr. Pollo entirely, according to Inside Scoop. Gimenez, who gained acclaim for his $20 prix-fixe at the tiny Mission spot, says he split because owner Angel Vaca wanted to raise his rent too much; his replacement, former sous Jonny Becklund, counters that Gimenez was fired and still owes Vaca back rent. Gimenez claims Becklund stole his menu and recipes, but that he's "going to be the bigger man" and is not planning to take action.

Meanwhile, over at Roxy's, Gimenez is mixing up his Latino-inspired fare with some Italian recipes (he's an A16, SPQR, and Quince alum), including a fettuccine Bolognese with balsamic reduction and yucca gnocchi with wild mushrooms. The four-course menu is now $25, due to the price of Italian ingredients; there's also a $75 ten-course menu and three a la carte items (the Bolognese, a duo of arepas, and a Hawaiian mako crudo).
— Allie Pape
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