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Entrepreneurial Cook Offers 'Bro Meals' to Hungry Techies

They may be pulling in six-figure salaries, but when it comes to feeding themselves more substantial fare than Top Ramen and energy drinks, the fresh-out-of-college techies pouring into San Francisco aren't necessarily equipped for the job, nor do they want to eat pizza and Thai takeout every evening. So it's not surprising that a home cook has built a business preparing basic fare for the hungry programmers of the city, an enterprise she's dubbed Bro Meals. As Jesse Hirsch of the Examiner reports, the entrepreneurial Myriah Zaytoun charges $143 for five homemade meals delivered to your door, complete with instructions on how to reheat them.

Zaytoun and her brother, a Maverick chef, deliver simple comfort foods like risotto, salads, and chili. Hirsch (the paper's food critic) tried a week of meals and was generally pleased with the results, dubbing the homemade chive biscuits atop Zaytoun's chicken pot pie "a nice touch" and praising her chicken parmesan and cheese ravioli.

Zaytoun also offers homemade desserts, but as with the Bro Meals, you'll pay a premium: $50 for a layer cake, $39 for a dozen pumpkin whoopie pies, $25 for a dozen cookies of your choice. There's also the "teach a man to fish" option; she'll guide you through making any recipe your heart desires for $44 (ingredients are on you). Her user reviews are almost uniformly positive, and despite the dude-centric name, plenty of women have praised her wares as well.
—Allie Pape
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[Photo: Myriah Zaytoun/Zaarly]

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