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Fates of At Least Eight Restaurants Dangle

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Blue Star Elephant Thai. [Photo: Yelp/Kevin Y.]

Blue Star Elephant Thai (803 Cortland) in Bernal Heights leads a herd of San Francisco restaurants that have been advertised for sale over the past few days. The owner asks $100,000 for the 40-seat space, which has 3-5 years left on a $3000 per month lease. Yet it's just one of at least eight places in the city with an immediately uncertain future. While restaurant sales are steady around the Bay Area, it's unusual to see this many up in the air at once.

Included among this new crop of ads is an Asian fusion/Hawaiian BBQ joint in the Sunset that's likely Fu's Noodle House (1501 Noriega), a take-out spot in the Richmond, an Indian restaurant in the Tenderloin, and a rerun of the ad for a 30-year-old Noe Valley pizza spot that's been on the market all month (previously speculated to be either Twin Peaks or Haystack Pizza). There's also a 10-year-old Chinese restaurant in Civic Center and two restaurants in North Beach that are currently up for grabs.

Guesses for the identities of the unnamed spaces are encouraged below.

· SF Bay Area Restaurants for Sale [Craigslist]

Blue Star Elephant Thai

803 Cortland, San Francisco, CA

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