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Spend Money at Old Skool Café, Build Scholarship Fund

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A cash mob is a group of people who come together to spend money at a small business all at once to give said business a needed influx of cash. The people at SF-based Carrotmob have taken that concept and added a caveat: the chosen business must give the community or consumer something in return. Their latest campaign is with Old Skool Cafe, the 1940's themed restaurant and supper club run by at risk youths.

They are selling $25 gift vouchers to the restaurant for the next 20 days, and for every dollar that is spent on the vouchers, 15 percent, almost the entire margin, will go towards the creation of a college scholarship fund for the young employees. To take advantage of the fund, the kids must match it with money of their own.

Here, a video released last year, about the vision behind the restaurant:

· Come Hungry, Leave Inspired! [Carrotmob]
· Old Skool Cafe [Official Site]
[Photo via Old Skool Cafe]

Old Skool Cafe

1429 Mendell St., San Francisco, CA

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