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Super Drinks

kabinett%20riesling.jpgNow that you've ordered some fancy Super Bowl takeout, what should you be drinking with all those wings and ribs? Serious Eats rounded up sommeliers from across the country to get their answers, including five from SF. Mark Bright of Saison took time out of his busy opening schedule to recommend Champagne or Kabinett Riesling (also the top pick of Gillian Ballance of Cavallo Point); Chris Gaither of Spruce is all about the Spatlese Riesling; Chad Ziegler of RN74 is fine with good old-fashioned beer; and Chris Baggetta of Quince recommends Great Divide Titan IPA or Blue Point Toasted Lager...neither of which are available in SF, according to Whoever's running beers cross-country for Baggetta, let's talk. [Serious Eats]