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Mystery Restaurant Swipes Video Cafe Space

[Photo: Douglas Zimmerman]

There appears to be new life in the former Video Cafe (5700 Geary), which shuttered in 2011. An Eater tipster spotted a restaurant that looks close to being finished, but there is no sign on or near the door as of yet. The dramatic renovation looks to have started almost two years ago.

Not to go all Encyclopedia Brown on this mystery case or anything, but it appears that one table is set with chopsticks, so it may be an Asian restaurant of some sort—we know, incredibly shocking for an eatery in the Avenues. Then again, this is San Francisco, so it could be some new vegan Hungarian-Italian chopstick-using hybrid. Readers who might have and want to share more clues as to what this is going to be will be rewarded with good karma.

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Mystery Restaurant

5700 Geary, San Francisco, CA