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Which Castro Mexican Restaurant Is For Sale?

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 Maybe it's La Fajita Grill?
Maybe it's La Fajita Grill?
Photo: Event Seekr

Alright kiddos, it's time to play name that business. Via Craigslist, an unnamed "Long-Established Mexican Restaurant" in the Castro area is now up-for-grabs for $95K. Other clues: 1) It's 10 years old, 2) It's known for burritos, apparently 3) They've got outdoor seating, beer and wine. The listed contact, Gustavo, can't spill the details because they don't want employees to find out yet. So, we're putting this one to the Eater readership. La Fajita Grill is an older number with outdoor seating. Any others come to mind?

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La Fajita Grill

2312 Market Street, San Francisco, CA

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