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Suika Opening SNAFU, And Ken Ken Tonkotsu Tuesdays

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A status update is in order now on Ken Ken Ramen's next door spinoff, Suika. A few weeks ago, the little bento box and boba tea vendor had to close because the planning commission said they didn't have proper permitting. Now co-owner Robert Patterson says they're upgrading the space so it can be zoned as a full-service restaurant, and hope to be open in "under two months" as a combined pop-up/event venue, sit-down eating place, and commissary with "lots of new treats" on offer. All that said, it will still be Suika, and it will still serve bento boxes.

Meanwhile, the team has hired a new chef, Yuichiro Aramki from Japan, and is gearing up to drop a few new bells and whistles at Ken Ken Ramen: "Tonkotsu Tuesdays," guest chefs on Sunday nights, and booze-spiked Boba Guys drinks are all in the works. For more immediate gratification, Frozen Kuhsterd black floats, made with Asahi black lager and vanilla Frozen Kuhsterd, are now available for dessert.

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Ken Ken Ramen

3378 18th Street, San Francisco, CA 94110 415 967 2636

Ken Ken Ramen

3378 18th Street, San Francisco, CA