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Michelle Polzine Reveals 20th Century Cafe Sample Menu

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Photo: from Bunrab and

Since former Range pastry chef Michelle Polzine signed a lease in Hayes Valley, things have been moving forward on her upcoming 20th Century Cafe at a steady, if slow, pace. The city is getting close to a sign-off on her building permit, at which point Polzine's architect and designer can begin turning the 800-square-foot former laundromat (across the street from Rich Table) into a full-service restaurant. Polzine is dead-set on a spring opening. You may recall, the theme here pays homage to the savory and sweet foods of Budapest, Vienna and Prague. Today, Polzine hands off an early menu sample, which has daytime and dinner-time options, and loads of sweet offerings. Note a few shouts to Show Dogs charcutier Peter Temkin, who consulted on the pastrami and sausage. The rest of the savory items are Polzine's own.

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20th Century Cafe

198 Gough Street, , CA 94102 (415) 621-2380 Visit Website

20th Century Cafe

198 Gough Street, San Francisco, CA