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The Early Word on Hakkasan In The Financial District

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Photo: Blair Sneddon

Hakkasan, the latest international chain (ahem "restaurant network") to hit San Francisco, made one of the biggest 2012 opening splashes showing off an unusual and buzz-worthy seven million dollar build-out. Now that eager diners have gotten a taste, is this tenth Hakkasan living up to the hype? Is chef Ho Chee Boon's food headed for Michelin stardom? And what about the price tag for a meal in a swanky place like this? Let's take to the interwebs to see what the people are saying.

The Decor News: Haute Living calls it, "the hautest new restaurant and lounge to bring sexy back to San Francisco." And SF Biz Times seems to dig it: "While extravagant, the interior is absolutely gorgeous, with enormous amounts of detail carved into every inch of the 10,000-sqaure-foot space. Even the bathrooms are worth checking out." Foodnut elaborates, "This has to be one of the most stylish Chinese restaurants we have ever been to in the San Francisco Area." [Haute Living, SF Business Times, Foodnut]

The Service News: Kristina N. of Yelp shares, "The service was phenomenal, the workers were very attentive and cordial. We had about 6 different workers come to our table throughout the night to take away plates, wipe down our tables, refill our waters, etc." One OpenTable diner even thinks they have "impeccable service comparable to Gary Danko." [Yelp, OpenTable]

The Price Tag News: An OpenTable user shares, "A $200 per person average inclusive check with only two glasses of champagne is quite an expensive treat." And Willie Brown has some insight for us: "you'll need to skip your monthly mortgage payment if you order a full meal. You won't be able to pay both." [OpenTable, ISSF]

The Tight Quarters News: One OpenTable diner suggests, "The tables could be set farther apart to prevent distraction." [OpenTable]

The Compared-to-Yank-Sing News: One Chowhounder concludes, "I like the [Shanghai Dumplings] at Yank Sing better, because the skins are slightly thinner... I think Yank Sing has more variety, but the dishes at Hakkasan were expertly prepared." But Cherylynn N. on Yelp has a different opinion: "The authentic Cantonese flavors were on point, the presentation exquisite, the execution flawless and the service unparalleled. There's absolutely no comparison; Hakkasan is a different breed of Chinese restaurants. It's an experience." [Chowhound, Yelp]

The Cocktail News: Thrillist likes their smoke-infused Negronis, "Because the show is amazing. Plus their blue-lit bartop makes the finished drink look pretty sweet." Chowhound user amydeastbay calls the drinks, like her lychee martini, "well balanced." Yelp user B L.tells us about their cocktail menu: "I will say that they have an astounding array of spirits (check out the dessert menu, which goes on at extraordinary length re: their imported spirits list) and a reasonably diverse cocktail menu." [Thrillist, Chowhound, Yelp]

The Food News: Thrillist adds, "you're gonna want to get this aged vinegar pork belly." And here's Foodnut's take on the Pipa duck: "Nice crispy skin, tender meat, juicy, definitely a must order... Hakkasan met our high expectations with excellent food." The FourSquare crew chimes in with more praise for the crispy duck and the vinegar pork belly. [Thrillist, Foodnut, FourSquare]

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—Eva Frye

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