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Buttons Candy Bar, Sugar Highs in Noe

Buttons Candy Bar
4027 24th St.
Status: Open

Stroller-pushers, beware: there's a new lure in Noe Valley, and sugar-crazy kids of all ages will be powerless to resist. Open since late last week, Buttons Candy Bar is an old-fashioned candy shop that delights the eyes as much as it tempts the stomach. A colorful array of bulk candy jars sits behind the counter, lollipops and candy bars are within reach, and if that wasn't enough, a flatscreen in back shows Disney movies on a loop.

Yes, this is ground zero for toddler temptation (and tantrums), but adults can enjoy Buttons' offering too: just look to the color-sorted M&Ms for anxiety relief, or the collection of old-school ice cream, like Choco Tacos, It's Its, Klondike bars and Creamsicles, hidden in back. Decked out in cheerful colors and a button motif, Buttons makes for a cheerful neighborhood sugar outlet. Just make sure your eyes aren't bigger than your stomach, kiddos.

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Buttons Candy Bar

4027 24th Street, San Francisco CA