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The Early Word on 1760

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It's been over a month since 1760 opened its doors, and the casual Acquerello spin-off has created new buzz for the Polk Street stretch. But how are locals liking 1760's sleek interior and chef Adam Tortosa's elevated New American fare? For answers, we turn again to The Early Word, where we collect first impressions from real diners who've already checked out the new spot, before the official reviews drop.

The Vibe News: With "spare and grey" decor, 1760 is "about as rustic as Ron Swanson is a salad fan," says Tasting Table. And as with many modern restaurants full of hard surfaces, it tends toward the loud side, but Yelper Kat C. said it was manageable. "You can hear the excited hum of the other diners ... without it being a deafening roar." Chowhound's Foodnut called the noise level "fairly 'lively' = loud when full," and Yelper Gina L. deemed it "difficult to carry a conversation." However, the overall impression is of a "spare, sophisticated and chic" space (per Debra S.) that's "clean and modern, with lots of natural lighting" (Suzie K.).

The Duck Sandwich News: Chef Tortosa's duck sandwich was widely praised: "This is their Marlowe burger: filling, tasty, and the kind of thing you get knowing that even if it isn't good for you it tastes great," according to Yelper David D.. SFist's Jay Barmann agrees: "It's indulgent, for sure, but pretty goddamn delicious, and would make for a fine meal on its own." However, Yelper Jocelyn L. called it "a bit too heavy for my taste" albeit "delicious, and very beautifully presented."

The Pasta News: The bucatini with uni "had a wonderful toothsome feel" and the "brininess of the uni was perfectly complemented by just the right amount of heat," according to Chowhounder Huckleberry, who called that and the cavatelli "better than anything I had at Acquerello." Tablehopper was also all about the pastas: "I didn't want the bowl of corn ravioli to end, oh lordy."

The Other Food News: Tortosa was a sushi chef for many years, and his way with seafood earned praise from Tasting Table, who dub his watermelon gazpacho with crab "a bewitching, haunting success." Tablehopper also likes the hamachi crudo: "It's what I'd like to call a killer app." Dessert reviews were mixed; the milk chocolate ganache had Yelper Halley S. "ready to lick the plate" but left Kat C. feeling "meh."

The Drink News: The garam masala cardamom cocktail was "outstanding," according to Chowhounder Jacques. "It reminded me of the aromas you take in while hiking in the Peninsula and South Bay (that's a good thing), and it was very well balanced." The 1760 cocktail "tastes like spicy lemonade," says Foursquarer Megan, and the pear ginger cocktail Campari ice cube, which Barmann "highly recommends," "is so unique," gushed Foursquarer Jessica C. The wine list impressed Chowhounder Alfairfax, who said it's "no surprise given 1760's relationship to Acquerello." But Gina L. was underwhelmed by the prices: "nothing under $11 a glass."

The Service News: The staff was "friendly and quite efficient" (per Huckleberry), "stellar" (per Cherylynn N.) and "on point all night" (Carlynn A.). Debra S. loved the personal touch: "It was an especially nice touch to have Gianpaolo, the friendly and charismatic owner pour our wine and stay for a bit of conversation toward the end of the meal."

The Value News: Foursquarer Jeff R. loved the food, but said he "left hungry and $200 down." But Cherylynn N. said "we left full with no room for dessert" unlike her recent visit to fellow newcomer La Urbana. "It's all a bit pricey" said Suzie K., "but in my opinion, it is worth it." Yelper Kristina P. concurred: "For small bites, it's a bit pricey but worth every penny."

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