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What's Your Favorite SF Happy Hour?

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Every hour's happy hour.
Every hour's happy hour.
Photo: csessums/Flickr

The return of Eater's Cocktail Week is nearly upon us. From October 28-November 1, we'll be covering all the latest and greatest developments in the world of shaken and stirred spirits, including profiles of bartenders, intel on the best new cocktail dens in town, and other drunken delights. As part of the festivities, we're planning a massive happy hour map, but since nearly every place in town offers one, it's no easy feat to sort through the truly great deals and the only-OK ones. So we turn to you, the readers: What is your go-to San Francisco happy hour, where the drinks and bites are delicious, the hours generous, the prices rock-bottom? We'll be taking note of your responses and compiling them, so please do share with the class (or via e-mail, if you prefer).

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