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Hayes Valley's Sebo to Close October 26

Black hard at work at Sebo.
Black hard at work at Sebo.
Photo: linecook/Flickr

Bummer news for Hayes Valley sushi fans today, as pioneering sushi spot Sebo has announced that their last day of service will be next Saturday, October 26. As Tablehopper reports, chef-owner Michael Black wasn't able to negotiate a reasonable new lease, and combined with his becoming a dad for the third time, decided it might be a good time to take a break.

The seven-year-old restaurant was one of Hayes Valley's most acclaimed in its early years, even making an appearance on Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations. Black's commitment to quality and sustainability meant prices were significantly higher than those of the three more casual (and Americanized) neighborhood sushi joints, especially as the prices of key Japanese fish and shellfish rose precipitously. Combined with its minimalist facade, it may have flown under many diners' radars, even after Black added more izakaya-style dishes to the menu. Black says he'll return to cooking, so expect to see more from him soon.

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