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Watch Daniel Patterson Forage and Cook Dinner

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Daniel Patterson is currently making the rounds to promote his first cookbook, Coi: Stories and Recipes (Phaidon), which was released yesterday. But while there are a lot of swanky dinners and fancy signings on his tour schedule, the owner of Coi, Haven, Plum, and the forthcoming Alta CA is still willing to take it to the forest, as showcased in the Breville video above, where he snips leaves and hunts down lichen on the coast while discussing his childhood and regional influences. "Our dishes are often very simple, only two or three ingredients, and if anything's wrong with the cooking or ingredients, it stands out."

In the follow-up video, Patterson demonstrates his beef coated in lichen powder, which he developed the idea for on a photo shoot: "I took a bite [of lichen] because I taste basically anything that I come into contact with." But don't expect to try this recipe at home, as Patterson notes that "if, for some crazy reason, you decide to make this dish, then we'll need to have a talk about the lichen powder..."

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