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Burritoeater Out; Saffron Grill Back In

SAN FRANCISCO—After ten years of diligent burrito testing and analysis, Burritoeater will be calling it quits later this year. Once they hit the 1000-review plateau, it'll all be over, according to the blog. "Don't look like that; don't be sad. Celebrate! Celebrate the end of an era that's been rife with cast-aside aluminum foil, oblique recollections of lunch, and of course, mustaches." [Burritoeater]

NOPANorth Indian restaurant Saffron Grill has finally recovered from the fire that's had it shut down since December. Look for it to reopen sometime in the next two weeks, with a refreshed but largely unchanged interior and menu. [The Corridor]

SAN RAFAELAfter just seven months in business, Sana Marin (nee Santé Marin) has shuttered. The restaurant was a spinoff of Los Angeles' A Votre Santé, which has been open for over 25 years. [Inside Scoop]

FINANCIAL DISTRICTTommy Toy's Cuisine Chinoise closed back in March, but they're now getting around to dealing with the restaurant's opulent decor and knickknacks. On Saturday the restaurant will begin auctioning off its remaining inventory, including glazed ceramic foo dogs, faux ivory carved tusks and an antique palace temple turquoise gilded bronze chandelier. [Inside Scoop]