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Big Boys at Berlinetta; Burrito 'Zoning' Outrage

Berlinetta Lounge.[Photo:]

UNION SQUARE—Since the closure of Big, bartenders Brian Felley and Mo Hodges have flexed their skills at Muka's Monday night Love Boat pop-up. Now they've got a new Friday night home at the Burritt Room's Berlinetta Lounge, where they'll be mixing up their signature hand-crafted cocktails starting tonight. [EaterWire]

THE INTERNET—Today in online burrito news, a man subjected to the horrors of a poorly-crafted burrito did not go quietly: instead, he ranted (correctly) on proper burrito construction that doesn't leave one lost in a "cilantro cavern" or "empire of sour cream." [SFist]

SAUSALITOPoggio is celebrating 10 years in business, and executive chef Ben Balesteri sat down to talk Sausalito's dining scene, favorite spots in the city, and keeping the menu fresh over all these years. [SFBT]

OAKLANDWhy does Oakland coffee matter? Find out with a look at High Wire and Timeless coffee roasters, plus Sweet Maria's and Blue Bottle. [Sprudge]