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Fire Fells Maverick in the Mission

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[Photo: JuanCarlosABC7/Twitter]

A fire broke out around 8:15am this morning at Maverick, Mike Pierce's popular Mission restaurant. The blaze was extinguished by about 9am, and no one was injured, although the apartments above the restaurant had to be evacuated. The Chronicle reports that the fire originated in one of the restaurant's ovens, although the exact cause is still undetermined.

The extend of the damages have yet to be gauged, but it looks to be a serious blow to the restaurant, which is also owned by Scott Youkilis of nearby Hog & Rocks and Hi Lo BBQ. "Our restaurant is trashed from smoke and water," Pierce told Mission Local. "But nobody got hurt, everyone is fine." The bad news is just sinking in, but the prognosis doesn't look good: "We're definitely going to be closed for quite a while," says Pierce.

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