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Hog Butchery at Google; Tosca's Meatballs

Tosca's kitchen. [Photo: Patricia Chang]

MOUNTAIN VIEWWatch Taylor Boetticher and Ryan Harris demonstrate whole hog butchery at Google HQ. The Bay Area's interest in artisanal meats has reached its logical conclusion. [Youtube]

NORTH BEACH — "Pungent garlic, rich, gamey meats, anchovies, herbs, butter, and salt:" Maggie Hoffman has an early review of April Bloomfield's Tosca Cafe fare. [Serious Eats]

EMBARCADEROBruce Hill of Fog City evidently got a text message from Mario Batali, asking if he were free last week to cook for Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's proposal night. Hill demurred: "We are expecting Bauer" at the restaurant. [Chron]

THE MISSIONCheck out "Arts and Eats," the new collaboration cookbook between Creativity Explored and the Mission's top restaurants. The book features recipes from Locanda, Mission Chinese and dozens more, paired with artwork by artists with developmental disabilities. [SFist]