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Four Barrel Coffee, Now Caffeinating in Portola

[Photo: Patricia Chang]

It's been a long time coming, but as of this weekend, the newest Four Barrel Coffee outpost is officially open for business. Owner Jeremy Tooker's ambitious vision for the space took longer than expected, and for good reason: solar panels and wind power are part of the ongoing plans, as well as filtering runoff water and installing a compost toilet. For now, the bare-bones garage kiosk will be bringing espresso and treats to a lesser-known area of the city, and that's not all: Tooker has grand plans to develop the whole block into a unique community space.

The 800 square-foot space inside the new coffee location is spare and industrial, with the centerpiece being a visually striking ceiling assembled from redwood sections. As for the menu, it's simple: they're serving the same stuff as at their Mission location, which includes coffee, espresso drinks and hot chocolate, plus pastries from Neighbor. It's more a grab-and-go set-up than a spot to sit for a while, but that could change once plans for an outdoor parklet take shape.

What's inside the cafe isn't the whole story. Tooker plans to revitalize the whole block, and two neighborhood grants are in progress to develop a community-minded hub along Burrows Street, with a small park in the works (with a stream and bridge) and a new playground that's already been installed. Tooker also hopes to add an electric car charging station in the area. It's a hefty ongoing project, so look out for more changes on the way. For now, the cafe will serve up coffee and treats from 7am to 4pm every day.

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Four Barrel Coffee

1 Burrows St., San Francisco CA