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Acquerello Calls Out Google Glass-Wearing Guest

Photo: Acquerello/Facebook

As Google Glass sightings increase around town, someone at Acquerello took matters into their own hands this morning, sending out a strongly-worded call-out from the restaurant's Twitter feed to a guest spotted wearing the face computer while dining last night. Acquerello has since deleted its tweet, but Inside Scoop has saved it in perpetuity. It reads:

"Memo to the patron wearing Google glasses last night at dinner, if you think you are cool, you are not. You definitely look like a douch [sic]."

No word from the restaurant on who wrote the tweet and just what the glasses-wearing patron was up to, but we can assume it involved muttering, "O.K. Glass, take a photo" in between bites of chef Suzette Gresham's Michelin-rated cuisine. But the complaint raises a bigger question: in a world where smart phone use is already driving staff and diners crazy at even the most high-end dining establishments, just what are the rules when it comes to technology at the table?

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