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Ravi Kapur/Nopa Opening Tendernob Restaurant

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After leaving Prospect a couple of years back and subsequently winning over diners with his recurring Liholiho Yacht Club pop-up, Ravi Kapur has decided to settle down again. As Inside Scoop reports, he's teaming up with longtime pals Allyson Jossel and Jeff Hanak of Nopa and Nopalito to open a restaurant along the quickly developing Tenderloin/Nob Hill border at Sutter and Leavenworth, where Aliment and Redford have recently opened their doors, and where Dennis Leary is planning to launch Trocadero Club in the former RJ's Sports Bar space later this year.

The still-unnamed restaurant will not be another location of Nopa or Nopalito (or a brick-and-mortar for Liholiho, for that matter). The cuisine hasn't been nailed down, but "casual" and "farm-to-table" are definitely buzzwords. The two-story space is sizable, with original brick walls, skylights, and room for a bar and private dining room; Brett Terpeluk, the architect behind Farina, will be responsible for the design. This one's still a long way out, with the partners only noting that they'll open in the second half of 2014.

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TBD Ravi Kapur/Nopa Restaurant

871 Sutter St., San Francisco, CA