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Brewing Fog Beer; Prospect's Barkeep Speaks

A typical day at the fortune cookie factory. [Photo: Lauren Ayres/Flickr]

CHINATOWN—Brew Dogs, Esquire's new craft beer roadshow, recently paid a visit to San Francisco, where they "harvested" fog for a special brew and sampled Almanac's Biere de Chocolat at the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory. [Almanac]

SOMA—Did you hear the one about the cocktail named after a Northwest Airlines hijacker? Rhys Alvarado sat down with Prospect bar director Davin Affrunti to talk spirits and quirky hobbies. [Examiner]

BERKELEYComal is hosting a special "Oaxacan Harvest" dinner tomorrow night, featuring ingredients like chiles, verdolagas and huicha squash sourced straight from Copala Organics. Tickets are $90 each. [EaterWire]

SOMASaison's star-studded guest chef week has commenced, and a menu for Laurent Gras's dinner is up for those interested in seeing what $500 gets you. [Inside Scoop]

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