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Cliff House Reopens Despite Government Shutdown

The Cliff House.
The Cliff House.
Photo: kmichie/Flickr

As the government shutdown enters its second interminable week, plenty of people are upset, but most have retained their equanimity, even when the partisan nonsense in Washington has meant being forced to work without pay or cancelling their wedding. But for the Cliff House, whose waitstaff and cooks have been without pay for a week, enough is enough. "As a successful, independent, privately owned business that does not depend on any tax dollars or federal funding, the Cliff House must have income," owners Dan and Mary Hountalas said in a statement obtained by Inside Scoop. "In response to the Federal Government shutdown, the Cliff House has reached a difficult decision to reopen its doors...While this bold move challenges the shutdown order, the Cliff House must remain operational."

Though the Golden Gate National Recreation Area fought for the Cliff House to remain open during the shutdown, the Hountalases are still violating the rules, and may end up incurring financial or legal blowback from the National Park Service. A rep for the Park Service told Inside Scoop that they're waiting for further information from their bosses in D.C. before making a decision. The case could also encourage other National Park concessionaires to violate the rule and reopen their doors, especially if the conflict continues to go unresolved.

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