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Buying in South Beach; Neighborhood of the Year; More!

Welcome to Curbed Cuts, where Curbed SF editor Sally Kuchar shares the best real estate and neighborhood news of the week.

IMG_7443-2970579659-O.jpgThe Fairmont's world-famous gingerbread house [Photo via Patricia Chang]

NOB HILL— Did you miss your chance to see the Fairmont Hotel's world-famous 2-story gingerbread house? 23 photos this way.

SAN FRANCISCO— Curbed's currently in the midst of the Curbed Cup, our annual tournament to determine the neighborhood of the year. Cast your vote!

SOUTH BEACH— Looking to put down roots in South Beach? Here's a handy map of the ten least expensive properties currently for sale.

INNER SUNSET— Is this set of stairs San Francisco's smallest public park?

SAN FRANCISCO— We asked local luminaries to dish on what development caught their eye in 2013, and what they thought the biggest building trends were this year.

SAN FRANCISCO— Last week's most expensive home sales were in Noe Valley, Presidio Heights, and Lower Pac Heights.

SAN FRANCISCO— Here's a fun gallery of what $3,900 a month can rent you around the city.

SOMA— Everything you could possibly want to know about the James Lick Baths, which is San Francisco Landmark #246.