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Horner's Corner En Route to Former Noe's Bar/Basso's

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24th Street has its share of classic neighborhood bars, but there aren't as many with solid food options alongside. All that might change, though, with the arrival of Horner's Corner, a revamp of the Noe's Bar/Basso's corner from Ivor Bradley of The Creamery. As Noe Valley SF originally reported, the corner of Church and 24th will see new life soon: a full liquor license and operational kitchen (plus pizza oven) are already in place, meaning a light remodel is all that stands in the way of an opening date. In the kitchen will be 21st Amendment alum Lorenzo "Larry" Kersavan, who's been consulting for The Creamery for over a year.

Kersavan and Bradley are still fine-tuning the menu, but Bradley says to expect classic, family-friendly fare with fresh ingredients and a farm to table ethos. Specials like roast leg of lamb and entrees like a signature burger will accompany pizza, salads, and "good bar food like you get in the British Isles." On the drinks side, don't expect a sudden shift to a gastropub vibe: the bar will still be a sports-fan go-to, just with an updated beer, wine, and cocktail selection.

Bradley is committed to making his spot the quintessential neighborhood bar: his family moved to Noe Valley from Ireland in the 1930s, and he's eager to get involved with local schools, charities and festivals. The name is an homage to John Horner, a historical figure who purchased present-day Noe Valley and its surrounding area in the mid-18th century. With a long-term lease, Horner's Corner is set to become a part of Noe Valley's history as well. Bradley is targeting an early February opening.

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Horner's Corner

1199 Church Street, San Francisco CA