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Umami's $65 Burger; Chicken Wing Updates

SOMA—White truffle season is in full swing, and it's not just high-end spots that are creating special menus: Umami Burger has debuted a special MNO (Money's No Object) Burger to break the bank. Served at the chain's new SoMa location, this $65 indulgence is made up of Bryan Flannery Wagyu Beef, a port reduction and freshly shaved white truffles. If you've got cash to burn, let us know how it tastes. [Inside Scoop]

INNER RICHMOND—This year saw a breakout ramenburger craze, and now it looks like another ramen permutation is poised to hit the streets: Hot Sauce and Panko is currently perfecting a recipe for ramen crusted chicken wings which they hope to debut soon, putting the time-tested motto "if you ramen it, they will come" to the test. [Zagat]

MISSION—Are you hungry, and we mean very hungry, for chicken wings? If so, please note that Wing Wings is currently recruiting contestants for its 2nd Annual Chicken Wing Eating Contest to be held at El Rio on Saturday afternoon. The deadline is today, so hop to it if you'd like a chance to make heartburn history. [Haighteration]

MISSIONA delightful holiday tradition can be found hanging at Doc's Clock, where a string of Rolling Rock and Tecate bottles have been fashioned into a festive hanging wreath. Well done. [Mission Mission]