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Outerlands to Close Dec. 30 for Revamp and Expansion

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[Photo: Jennifer Yin/Flickr]

Some call it cozy, others call it cramped, but oceanside locals' favorite Outerlands is finally getting some more space. On December 30th, the restaurant will close up shop for a much-awaited expansion into the neighboring space formerly occupied by a Chinese restaurant. There, they'll construct a new dining area and bar, while making overall improvements to the original surfer-chic dining area and kitchen.

Once reopened, the space will include an expanded bar program and full bar seating. Pastry chef Brooke Mosley joined the team earlier this year from stints at Los Angeles spot The Tasting Kitchen, The Parish, and Tavern, and she'll have a hand in the expanded pastry and bread programs to come. The new dining room will hopefully serve to alleviate Outerlands' notorious seating restrictions, and will even have some bigger tables to accommodate larger parties. For now, owners David Muller and Lana Porcello are targeting a February 2014 reopening date, with extended hours and some more surprises to come.

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