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Week in Reviews

The Chron's holiday food issue didn't include a review from Bauer, but he went for it on Inside Scoop anyway, praising the tasting menu at The Abbot's Cellar. "No other restaurant in Northern California provides such a refined, sophisticated stage for beer," he writes. Adam Dulye's food has "a very bold, masculine sensibility," with perfect pairings from Mike Reis and Christian Albertson like a "beautifully fried zucchini with its blossom attached" served with a "floral and fruity" El Segundo Citra pale ale. "It adds up to an experience that isn't duplicated at any other restaurant, and that's saying a lot." No rating, but we imagine it'll keep its three stars. [Inside Scoop]

The Abbot's Cellar

742 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA 94110 415 626 8700 Visit Website

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