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La Condesa's New Chef; 1601 Bar & Kitchen On Its Way

La Condesa in St. Helena. [Photo: Carolyn Alburger]

ST. HELENA La Condesa, the year-old Mexican spot that was known as much for its sky-high prices as its tasty fare, has announced a new chef, Chris Mortenson. He'll be introducing a new lineup of more affordably priced options like tacos, smoked brisket, and carne asada, as well as a tasting menu ($29 for three items, $39 for four). [Scoop]

SOMA— Grub Street snagged a menu preview of the forthcoming 1601 Bar & Kitchen, which is headed to 12th and Howard. Chef Brian Fernando appears to be working on an intriguing mix of Sri Lankan and classic French flavors, as befitting his personal heritage and his ten years at San Jose's Le Papillon. He's targeting late February or early March for an opening. [Grub Street]

ST. HELENA— File under "in your dreams, wage slave": a photo gallery of a Meadowood wedding, complete with a Michelin-approved meal from the restaurant. One can dream. [7x7]

BERKELEY Toss Noodle Bar, a new noodle shop, opened near the corner of Shattuck and Bancroft in Downtown Berkeley last Saturday. The menu is structured in the manner of a Chipotle, but with an Asian twist: diners select from noodles or rice, choose a cooking method (soup, curry, or wok), then add their choice of meat or tofu. [Berkeleyside]

La Condesa

1320 Main Street, St Helena, CA 94574