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Where To Spend It All in SF; Baller SF Women Through History; The Most Luxurious SF Spas; More!

Photo by Anna-Alexia Basile

EVERYWHERE—How to shop like Danielle Steele. Step 1: Buy 6,000 pairs of Louboutins.

EVERYWHERE—Learn the surprising truth about gals who splurge on mink eyelash extensions. Hint: Few of them are as fancy as Beyonce. A top SF extensions technician talks about her clientele, and how her job is in synch with her hippie outlook on life.

EVERYWHEREThirteen places, from Barney's to Bulgari, where you can spend all that money you've got laying around and cluttering up the place.

EVERYWHERE—Eight women throughout history who spent it like they meant it in San Francisco. We dug all the way back to the gold rush.

UNION SQUARE—Ferrari sells lots of expensive things that are not cars. Ferrari onesie for the kiddo, perhaps?

EVERYWHERE—The nine best places in San Francisco to freshen up and sooth those sore feet after a good day of shopping. Champagne, chocolate, facials, massage and more await.

UNION SQUARE— What to wear on a casual shopping trip to Chanel. You have that vintage fur you got from Joy Bianchi, right?

CASTRO—Diesel reportedly lost its lease after a 50% jack in its Castro rent. Rumor has it an Apple Store is moving in. At least the colors with go nicely with the neighborhood flag.