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Saison to Launch $48 Salon Tasting Menu

Saison's new bar and lounge area. [Photo: Molly DeCoudreaux]

If you're interested in checking out Saison's stunning new SOMA home, but aren't able to shell out the $400 price tag for dinner and wine pairings, you're in luck: Joshua Skenes and crew are introducing a $48 lounge menu starting this evening, with 8-10 courses of canapes. We've put in a request for a copy of the menu itself, but in the meantime, you can phone them to make a reservation for one of the 14 seats in the bar/lounge area.

Also, for those who are curious about the cocktails Saison will be serving in their lounge, Serious Eats had a nice slideshow of a few of them last week. The cocktails, like the food, incorporate smoked and grilled ingredients, like a sherry cocktail with pineapple syrup made from whole grilled pineapples, or a bourbon drink infused with hearth-popped popcorn. As Skenes told us in an interview two weeks ago, he developed the cocktail menu in partnership with a mysterious French mixologist.

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