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Ocean Beach BBQ Sneaks Into The Riptide

Riptide. [Photo: Flickr/jacktrade]

The newest rogue food vendor in town is not, for once, based in the Mission: a phantom caterer called Ocean Beach BBQ has begun serving to-go plates of slow-smoked pork sandwiches, slabs of ribs, and bacon cheeseburgers on random nights at Outer Sunset bar The Riptide (3639 Taraval). Their Twitter feed is the only point of communication at the moment, with orders being taken by direct message and extra plates offered for sale to those who catch the announcement in time.

Tweets so far indicate that the mastermind of this project is a former "Pitmaster General" who was trained by a James Beard Award-winning chef in Alabama and who "promises to remain hidden behind the hickory smoke cloud." The meat itself is being cooked barbacoa-style in the "Heaven Pit," which is "located on the dunes of Ocean Beach . . . above the clouds."

· Ocean Beach BBQ [Twitter]

The Riptide

3639 Taraval, San Francisco, CA