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Cosentino Seeks Stages, Photographer For Head-to-Tail Dinners

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Incanto. [Photo: Flickr/wallyg]

The annual Head to Tail dinners at Incanto are coming up in the spring, and Chris Cosentino has made his annual call for two prospective stages to help in the kitchen. These volunteers will prep for five days and cook for two of the dinners; they'll also get to enjoy one of the meals as a guest.

Applications from food professionals, which include a personal essay on why the prospective wants to work, are due by March 5; the winners will be determined the very next day. Cosentino is apparently fond of reading essays, so the stages will also need to write one about the experience after it's done. Incanto hasn't officially announced this year's Head to Tail dates yet, but stages are asked to work from March 29-April 3, so it's likely they fall around then.

New for this year: Michael Harlan Turkell, who shot the images for Cosentino's cookbook Beginnings: My Way to Start a Meal, will choose a food photographer to stage at Head to Tail.

"Ultimately," Cosentino writes on his blog, "this is a fun opportunity to be a part of a great team for a week and learn how to cook some innards."

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