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A Sneak Peek at The 2 Bandits Upcoming Jewelry Collection; Paper Sculptures; Academy of Art at Fashion Week; More!

Photo by <a href="">Aubrie Pick</a>
Photo by Aubrie Pick

BERKELEY— Castle in the Air is one of those magical places where you start to believe you could DIY anything. But before you purchase that gold leaf and glitter, take a moment to check out the paper sculptures in the upstairs gallery, made by Castle in the Air's very own artisans.

EVERYWHERE—The 2 Bandits newest jewelry collection won't be released until March 15, but the line's founder and designer, Tamar Wider, gave us an exclusive sneak peek. Her modern-bohemian baubles just keep getting better.

EVERYWHERE—We want to put Levi's new shoes and boots collection on our feet right now and not take them off ever. They'll be just as good with flowy dresses as with destroyed denim. Plus, a sale!

EVERYWHERE—An infographic created by men's clothing company Arden Reed claims that San Francisco men are only a teensy bit more stylish than men in Washington D.C. We are not really buying what they're selling.

NEW YORK—Ten Academy of Art graduates presented seven collections at New York fashion week last week. Job well done, kids, congrats!

BERKELEY—Convert has created one of their signature eco-friendly capsule collections with Brit shoemaker J Brand: six styles for men and four for women. Look for the shoes in store in April.

EVERYWHERE—Bureau of Trade launched a revamp of their shopping site last week. It's your place for purchasing petrified lightning, explosives crates, menswear, and much more.