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We Want Your Nominees For Hot Chef Day

San Francisco is full of good-looking people, and many of them are behind the scenes at your favorite restaurants. This year, we're consolidating our annual Hottest Chef Competition into one day of culinary cuteness: February 14, which we hear matters in other ways to people who aren't married to their laptops, is officially Hot Chef Day across the Eaterverse.

To make this hotness happen, though, we need nominees. Is there a chef who makes your nethers tingle as thoroughly as your tastebuds? A culinary impresario who should join the pantheon alongside such good-looking hash-slingers as One Market's Mark Dommen (pictured above), Fifth Floor's David Bazirgan, and Spoonbar's Louis Maldonado?

The fine print: All nominated chefs must currently work in a Bay Area restaurant, and previous winners (a.k.a. those three hotties above) are disqualified. The deadline for nominations is next Monday, February 11, with polls to follow on Black Thursday. Submit your nominees below, or tip us at Photos, or links to them, are encouraged.

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