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F&W's Plate Project; Gioia Owner Opens Liquor Store

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GAIL SIMMONS' IMAGINATION—For its 35th anniversary, Food & Wine asked "prominent chefs, artists, designers, and thinkers in the food world" to draw what they think we'll be eating in 35 years. Their canvas? A paper plate. SF had four contributors: Margarit Mondavi drew bucolic burrata and berries, Michael Pollan turned in a boring restatement of his favorite motto (hey, originality counts, and that's not a drawing, Mike!), Blue Bottle's Caitlin Freeman envisioned a plate of pills (right), and, well, we're not entirely sure what Michael Chiarello is doing here. [Food & Wine via Eater National]

BERKELEYGioia owner Art Kinsey has taken over the shuttered former Monterey Liquors next door to his Berkeley pizzeria, and along with Cafe Rouge's Ryan Murff, he's planning to transform it into the Northbrae Bottleshop, a purveyor of craft beer, spirits, wines, and cocktail ingredients like bitters. Construction is underway now, and they're hoping to open up by the end of this weekend. [Berkeleyside]

THE MISSION—You've seen them on every table in town, now you can actually see them get made: The Bold Italic offered up a photo tour of Heath Ceramics today, with a bonus trip into the atelier of upstairs neighbor Matt Dick, who designed uniforms for Bardessono, Bar Agricole, and Blue Bottle. If you're interested in eating dinner on Heath's plates a stone's throw from their origin point, TBI's throwing a dinner with Stag Dining Group there on Saturday night. [The Bold Italic]

OUTER RICHMOND—A reader tips us off to the heretofore media-free existence of Honey B Tea House, a new bubble tea spot at 23rd and Clement that appears to have opened in mid-January. There's no website, but according to Yelp, they've got all the classics, as well as a version that contains pudding, apparently. [EaterWire]

Northbrae Bottleshop

1590 Hopkins Street, Berkeley, CA 94707