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$100M Silicon Valley Estate Lands on the Market, Comes with Roommate; Plans to Blow Up Candlestick Park; Cheap Real Estate in NoPa; More!

HILLSBOROUGH—A sprawling estate in Hillsborough has just landed on the market asking a mind-blowing $100,000,000. The Silicon Valley property is now the 5th most expensive piece of property for sale in the country. The 16,000 sq. ft. main home boasts seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a ballroom, a flower-arranging room, a swimming pool, and no fewer than six staff rooms. Here's where it gets real weird: 75-year-old Christian de Guigne IV is retaining a life estate on the property, which means he gets to live out his life in the main house following the sale.

HUNTERS POINT—Candlestick Park will be blown up to make room for a shopping center just a few weeks after the 49ers play their last game there next year. The 69,000-seat stadium will go boom and bye bye in 30 seconds. The proposed shopping district is estimated to be 800,000 square feet.

NOPA—Are you looking to buy in NoPa? We've created a nifty map of the five least expensive properties currently for sale in the 'hood. Unfortunately there isn't a single property under $500K, but the most expensive doesn't reach the million dollar mark.

CLARENDON HEIGHTS—Did you know that the current site of the Sutro Tower used to be home to a mansion built by Adolph Sutro's heirs? Known as La Avanzada, the house had lots of stained glass windows, tiled fireplaces, and giant wood beams. The Sutros lived there until 1948 when the house and surrounding land was sold to the American Broadcasting Company for $125,000 as a site for their new television station transmitter site, with a 580 ft. tower.

CIVIC CENTER—Ever wonder why the entire north side of Geary between Polk and Van Ness is a boarded up mess? No one wants to move into the retail spaces because this is the entire block that is set to become part of the new CPMC campus.

FOREST HILL—Are you a big fan of the architecture of the Japanese Tea Gardens in Golden Gate Park? Roy Watanabe was the architect for the buildings, and a house he designed in Forest Hill just landed on the market, asking $1,298M. It's a real stunner.

SAN FRANCISCO—Some extremely swanky properties landed the market yesterday. From a very exclusive co-op apartment next to Danielle Steele's mansion in Pacific Heights to a Mid-Century modern gem of a condo in Nob Hill, we break down the latest luxury homes to just get listed.